Benefits of compression sportswear

Every year, every season professional sports are becoming more and more competitive. The battle for milimeters, split of seconds is getting harder and harder. This is why the latest technology and modern science is in common use to improve professional athlete performance.  One of the huge factors which helps to improve athletic performance is special, multifunctional sportswear.

Compression clothes is one of them. Well researched, with proven medical effect, compression clothes worn on the legs can help prevent deep vein thrombosis, reduce swelling, improve blood and lymph circulation, especially while sitting for a long time or traveling.

In Martial Arts, especially in MMA, compression t-shirts and underwear is worn during exercise to prevent chafing and rashes. Therefore, compression t-shirts worn under the Karate-Gi is a great idea.

compression tshirt

This type of clothing which fits to the anathomical shape of the body, firmly compressing the joints and the muscles, helps to stabilize them and improves their stability and prevents injuries.

It is also researched and proven that muscles and joints enhance better and faster their mobility while being gently compressed.

On top of it, compression t-shirt keeps the body warm. Even sweating excessively, with compression t-shirt, you don’t get the feeling that your body is wet.  It doesnt absorb water and transports it outside.  It dries fast, so it is also easy to wash and get ready to use for the next training session the same day.

Faster joint and muscle recovery and relieve muscle and joint stiffness and soreness is another reason of wearing compression clothes, this time after the training. We will introduce our own Karate-Outfit compression t-shirt from November 2014, dedicated to karate fighters. 

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