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Karate-Outfit (K.O.) is division and brand of MACSperform Athletic Performance Solutions for sport and casual clothing.

We manufacture performance and casual T-Shirts, performance underwear, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, bags, etc. for Karate professionals and enthusiasts. We also make other goods dedicated to sport's passionate individuals and teams. Our products are created with passion and exceptional attention to detail. Our unique designs, fashionable and comfortable patterns, top class fabric and precise finishing define our process and lead us to perfection.


The name of K.O. is built of two words – Karate Outfit. At the same time it refers to the ultimate goal of fighting – Knock Out. Our brand name is closed in a square, traditional Japanese seal called Hanko. The tradition of Hanko is rooted in Ancient times, when Hanko was used to confirm official documents together with a fingerprint seal. Those days Hanko was reserved to officials and the people of a higher class.

Our Hanko confirms our mission to strive to perfection and active lifestyle., Switzerland

Piotr Szeligowski

Karate Outfit

Burggraben 16

9000 St. Gallen



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